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Portfolio Manager

CHEESUS Token - the main value of CHEESUS Platform

Pay for API Access

Create your own applications and tools using data by CHEESUS
API - pay for the access with CHEESUS.

Pay for PRO version without distracting Ads

Want to enjoy extended platform functionality?
CHEESUS can cover your subscription, too.

Pay for marketing on our platform

Spread the word about your DeFi project and let our community explore it. CHEESUS features set of marketing tools from banner ads to promo campaigns. Advertise your DeFi platform the way you like and pay with CHEESUS.

Governance of the CHEESUS DAO

Think CHEESUS lacks some functionality? Let us know! Share your ideas about which features and instruments should be added as soon as possible. Vote for them, improve your DeFi experience and boost your profits.

Pay for PRO version without distracting Ads

CHEESUS is not just about accessing services - this is the key to making profits. Enjoy CHEESUS staking and farming. CHEESUS ensures optimal APY rates, hassle-free liquidity management and stable profits, thanks to its deflationary tokenomics and unique profit-sharing model.

Pay for marketing on our platform

CHEESUS plans to introduce a bunch of new interesting services with a NFT dashboard being the first in line. Want to earn on NFTs? CHEESUS holders will get priority access to unique tokens featured on the platform.

Antony and the team are highly knowledgeable, proficient, and professional. Any feedback from our side was immediately reflected, and I could tell that Antony especially takes all feedback genuinely to his heart. I highly recommend Antony and the team as advisors and partners in any development needs!

Siwon Kim

KSM Starter

Profit sharing and deflationary burning mechanism

The CHEESUS protocol receives many payments (subscriptions, API services, banners, etc.) into the smart contract, then all these funds go to Uniswap\Pancake\SERUM
The funds are exchanged into three portions:
30% to cover platform expenses
35% to ETH for liquidity support
35% to CHEESUS for liquidity support
CHEESUS is paired with ETH to form LP tokens
50% are staking rewards for CHEESUS liquidity providers
50% of LP tokens are burned to prevent CHEESUS token inflation